Kisiizi Good Shepherd Visitors

Established Jan 2011 with 20 orphans, the Kisiizi Good Shepherd Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project now is a charitable institute which cares for 127 children. Some are 'double' orphans - known in Uganda when you have lost both parents - or 'single' orphans when they have lost 1 parent. The school is currently in the process of constructing a new classroom building and they could really use your help!

Visitor Requirements

Other programs will be communicated after arrival at the project and we shall offer you opportunities like!

Day Place Plan Hotel
Day 1 Entebbe airport Arrival. Your guide/driver will be there waiting for you. Pick up and proceed to you accommodation Entebbe guest house
Day 2 Entebbe-Kabale Transfer to kabale at kisiizi good shepherd orphanage south western Uganda where the project is located Shade tree guest house